Hello everyone!

Welcome all and thanks for your interest in the twitter astronomy journal club! The general idea is that we meet up on twitter at a prearranged day and time and discuss an interesting piece of astronomy research. This will generally take the form of an academic paper, but we could also include some articles too. Everyone’s welcome to participate, whether you know anything about the topic or not. This is all inspired by the original Twitter Journal Club who are doing the same thing for medical research.

This blog will act as a hub for all the information on what’s going on – check here to find out when the discussions will take place and how to take part. There’s also a twitter account, @astronomyjc to follow and a hashtag: #astroJC.

Please start suggesting papers for our first session on the Suggestions for Papers page, or on twitter. @skyponderer has already put forward “Gamma Rays From The Galactic Center and the WMAP Haze” which looks good.

The other big question is when should our first meeting be? I thought around 19:00 GMT (i.e. 20:00 BST)  would work and I’ve created the poll below to try and find a day that you’re all happy with.

Judging by the level of enthusiasm this generated on twitter tonight, I think this could be lots of fun. I’m looking forward to our first session.

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12 Responses to Hello everyone!

  1. The Lunans says:

    This is a brilliant idea!

  2. T. says:

    I like the idea. Pity about the timezone: 5 am isn’t going to be ideal, sorry…

    • Kash Farooq says:

      Thanks for your interest.

      Where are you based?
      We figured 19:00 GMT would be somewhere between 11:00 and 14:00 in the US. In Hawaii it would be 9 am.

      Or are you based east of GMT?

    • amanda says:

      no reason we cant continue the conversation in the morning in oz… i’m not going to wake up at 5 am to participate in a journal club discussion, but i’ll likely catch up with it at a more reasonable hour, like 10 or 11 am (sydney time). it would be nice if we all decided on a more convenient time here.

  3. The Lunans says:

    Do the papers have to have been already published. Duncan has a draft one on possible life in the clourds of Venus?

    The topic already suggested above (“Gamma Rays From The Galactic Center and the WMAP Haze”) is an excellent one.

  4. carolune says:

    Cool idea!
    How about collecting the papers we discuss in a public collection on Mendeley?
    (We do that for your JC. It’s nice when you start a sentence with ‘Do you remember that paper we talked about some weeks ago about ….?’.)

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  6. peteuplink says:

    I think this is a great idea. Not sure about the best day at the moment as my night time schedule is a bit hectic.

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  8. Jacquiebang says:

    this sounds fun and informative; allthough i am just an amature backyard astronomer.

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