The first meeting of the Astronomy Journal Club: Thursday June 16th 2011, 19:00 UT

The results are in: as of this morning, there is a clear winner in the voting for the first Astronomy Journal Club meeting:

  1. Thursday: 19 votes
  2. Sunday: 9 votes
  3. Friday: 8 votes

The first meeting of the Astronomy Twitter Journal Club will therefore be Thursday 16th June at 8 p.m. UK time (7 p.m. UT) , giving everyone just over a week to read the paper. We understand this day/date won’t work for everyone, but we hope lots of you will be able to attend. We can always vary the days if there is sufficient demand – there are plenty of papers to discuss.

Check here to see the meeting time in lots of different time zones.

The first paper will be “Gamma Rays From The Galactic Center and the WMAP Haze” (Hooper & Linden, 2010). It was the first suggestion we got (thanks Colin Stuart); it’s nice and short, but there’s lots of scope for discussion.

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8 Responses to The first meeting of the Astronomy Journal Club: Thursday June 16th 2011, 19:00 UT

  1. Jessica Lu says:

    Is there a schedule that can be shared to iCal with meeting times and reminders?

    • Emma says:

      I’ve just set up a google calendar for the schedule. I’ll look into an iCal version (don’t use it personally so not sure if it can be embedded in the same way)

      • Jessica Lu says:

        If there is a google calendar, it can be shared to iCal. Just go to the calendar properties, make the calendar public and look for the iCal button. That button is the iCal subscription link. I think that button can be posted as a button on the WordPress blog somewhere.

  2. Linda Lunan says:

    Looking forward it. See you Thursday 16th June 20:00 hrs (UK Time)

  3. Looking forward to it too.

  4. Arie Nouwen says:

    Great idea, this Astronomy JC. I’ve got one question: is it possible to import the discussion thursday on my blog? Is there some kind of embedding code? Just like NASA’s videostream on Ustream, which includes also a social media stream that can be emdedded.

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