This week’s meeting: Let’s talk about journal club

For the 15th meeting of the astronomy twitter journal club let’s address a topic hopefully everyone will have an opinion on – journal club itself. We’ve been going for a few months now, so it seems like a good time to assess whether there are things that could be improved.

In my opinion we’re not very different from a ‘real-life’ journal club; this is good in that we’ve had some lively, and hopefully useful, discussions about various topics. However, we also experience the same problems, in particular getting good paper suggestions, and persuading people to take part when they don’t know very much about a subject. Some of our most successful meetings have been about more general topics (e.g. science careers, faster than light neutrinos or the fate of the JWST) – does that mean we’d do better with a less focused approach?

What, in your opinion do you think works about the meetings? What could be done to make things run better? Do you (deep breath) think we should continue to meet?

Join in this Thursday (10th November) at 20:10 GMT and let’s see what happens!

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1 Response to This week’s meeting: Let’s talk about journal club

  1. Evan Keane says:

    Definitely continue to meet! It is good! And the fact it is readable on twitter and webpage after you can even feel involved if you were not free at the time of the actually astrojc, which is cool!


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