This week’s meeting: Kepler 22b – hype or new home?

The topic for this week’s astronomy twitter journal club (Thursday, 20:10 GMT) is Kepler-22b, a new exoplanet announced this week. However, the meeting won’t focus on the properties of this object, but rather on the media storm that’s blown up around what is being (wrongly) described as ‘Earth’s twin’.

Since the announcement many people have written many excellent articles about this planet – several are linked below, but please leave other suggestions in the comments. Finally, don’t forget to join in the discussion tomorrow.

    NASA’s press release

    Not another “Earth-like planet” – Matt Burleigh

    The News and Super Earth Kepler-22b – astrobites

    NASA planet discovery to ‘generate publicity’ – BBC News website

    What Does “Habitable” Mean? – Galileo’s Pendulum

    Potentially habitable exoplanet: The fine print – Boing Boing

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3 Responses to This week’s meeting: Kepler 22b – hype or new home?

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