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Dusty, young and chaotic – the HR 8799 system with the new LBT AO system

Hi folks, for one week only I’ll be MCing astrojc while Emma is off wedding planning. This week’s paper is on the HR 8799 system. Three planets were directly imaged around this young star in 2008 with a fourth, closer … Continue reading

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Review: The James Webb Space Telescope

For the 6th meeting of the Astronomy Twitter Journal Club we decided to try something a little different – just a discussion about a topic rather than a paper. This was purely because we didn’t have time to pick and … Continue reading

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Transcript: The James Webb Space Telescope

The transcript of Meeting 6 of the Astronomy Twitter Journal Club meeting is now online at Chirpstory: or You can also download the PDF: Tweet Transcript Archive for James Webb Space Telescope. Our review.

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This week’s discussion topic: the James Webb Space Telescope

The clear winner of the discussion topic, with 11 votes, is the future of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), so that’s what the discussion will be about tonight (8pm UK time, 7pm GMT). For the people who picked the … Continue reading

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