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HR8799: wrap-up

So we had a rather nice discussion over the recent paper on LBT observations of HR8799. Seemed a good discussion with mostly a few people who work in the field or closely related fields. If you missed it feel free … Continue reading

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Dusty, young and chaotic – the HR 8799 system with the new LBT AO system

Hi folks, for one week only I’ll be MCing astrojc while Emma is off wedding planning. This week’s paper is on the HR 8799 system. Three planets were directly imaged around this young star in 2008 with a fourth, closer … Continue reading

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On hiatus

I’m off to get married so I can’t run the astronomy twitter journal club for the next few weeks. If anyone would like to step in and run things whilst I’m away send me an email ( and I’ll initiate … Continue reading

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